FCC Form 470 - Funding Year 2018

All questions regarding the above form must be received no later than Monday, January 8, 2018.  
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December 13, 2017  Email 10:47am

Question: Would Eaton UPS be OK, or do you have a preference?

Answer: Yes, Eaton would be okay. No, we do not have a brand/manufacturer preference.

December 15, 2017 Email 7:34 AM

Question: Would you like your vendor to install these for you?

Answer: No

Question: Or is this simply a drop-ship?

Answer: Just a drop-ship.

19, 2017 Email 2:43 PM

By level of importance:

Question 1:  What are the full model numbers of each device plugging into the UPS?

a.        Please list the equipment by rack or location


Server Closet -  

  • 4 Switches HP2530-24G PoE
  • 2 Servers - Self Built
  • 1 Server - Proliant ML350 Gen9
  • 1 Lenovo PC 
MDF - 
  • Cisco SGE200 24 Port
  • Cisco ASA 5510
  • Cisco ME 3400
  • Cisco 2921
  • Aruba 2530 8G PoE
  • Aruba 2530 24G PoE
  • HP 2530 24G PoE J9773A
  • Aruba 2530 8G J9774A
  • HP 2530 24G PoE J9773A
First Building
  • HP 2530 24G PoE J9773A
Second/Third Buiding
  • 2 - HP 2530 24G PoE
  • HP 2530 48G J9775A

Question 2:  How long would the customer like the UPS solution to power the connected equipment for during an outage?(Desired Run-time in minutes)

Answer: 10 - 15 miniutes

Question 3: Is there a generator on site?(or will there be)

Answer: No

Question 4: What outlets(or outlet types) are available for the UPS to connect to in the customers environment?

Answer: Regular 120V wall outlet with ground

Question 5: Does the customer prefer a rack mount, tower, or hybrid solution?

Answer: Not all spaces have rack or space in the rack.  Tower is fine.

Could support rack mount in MDF and K building.  Other racks are full.

December 28, 2017 Email 8:21 AM

Can you please provide me with Specifics on what exactly that you are looking for?

Question: What current models do you have?

Answer: We currently only have one UPS.  That is why we have bid out.  It is XFinity U12-43048

Questions: What current models are you looking for?

Answer: No specific model.

Question: Would Tripplite be an acceptable equivalent?

Answer: I don't know anything about Tripplite.  I would be glad to compare it to others.

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